Friendship Globe Mini Clusters

Friendship Globe Mini Clusters

Friendship Globes are known by many names including fairy balls, witches balls, spiritual balls, ornamental balls and kugel balls. These mini clusters offer a new shape to the original sphere shaped globes.

At the end of their working day, the glass blowers would use up the leftover molten glass by blowing these small ornamental globes to be given as tokens of love and friendship on special occasions. This ancient tradition is still carried on today!

These beautiful & decorative Friendship Globes can be hung in a window to stream coloured light into a room or hung outside in trees to add more colour to a garden. Each Friendship Globe is hand made and blown by mouth using recycled glass making each friendship globe completely unique.

The display stand comes free with our special stand deal (please contact us for details)

The stand holds stock of 4 of each colour as well as one globe of each hanging on the board and is very eye catching!

Each cluster comes boxed in individual display boxes complete with a ribbon and swing tag showing the sentiment of giving the globe as a gift.

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